notable typewriters

These typewriters from my collection all mark their place in history by having new and notable design features.

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First machine for typing shorthand – 1879

First European typewriter – 1884

First index typewriter (no keyboard) and the world’s first portable – 1881

First typewriter to use a single type element instead of type bars – 1883

One of the first typewriters to have proportional spacing – 1885

First typewriter to use a daisy wheel – 1889

First typewriter to be marketed for children – 1890

First portable, keyboard, typewriter – 1893

First typewriter to have the three design elements that would define the modern typewriter – 1894

First typewriter to use the new metal, aluminum, in its construction – 1895

The typewriter that set the standard design for the 20th century – 1896

First successful mechanical point writer for the blind – 1892


First typewriter to have the lateral thrust, type bar design – 1890