the collector

martin Howard

Welcome to my site – I invite you to browse my collection and discover for yourself this wonderful world of antique typewriters!

If you have any questions, require some information or have an early typewriter for sale, please be in touch.

Why do you collect typewriters?

Collecting early typewriters is perfect for me, in collecting a class of complex machine with such individual identity that are not too large to put on my workbench and that speak to us today in this world where just about everyone types.

How would you define your collection?

I collect typewriters that were manufactured before the standard typewriter design was set for the 20th century. In particular the last quarter of the 19th century saw a remarkable range of ingenious and beautiful typewriters being made. There were many successes and wonderful failures.

What sparked your interest in typewriters?

As a teenager my parents collected all sorts of unusual antique tools, including kitchen, agricultural, medical, and trades tools and they created quite a collection in their basement. 

I knew in my twenties that I needed to find my mechanical collectible.

Why are typewriters of interest in today’s digital world?

In this age of blinking lights and touch sensitive screens, the collection has a great appeal to a world that types like never before, as these early typewriters are still tools that we understand.

Remarkably the QWERTY keyboard endures 140 years after its first appearance.

Do you sell typewriters?

Yes, I sell 19th century collectible typewriters to enthusiasts and collectors from all around the world. I also sell fine working 20th century portables to people who have the desire to use a typewriter for various writing needs.

Do you show your collection?

Yes, typewriters from my collection have been displayed in various settings including  the Royal Ontario Museum, trade shows, airports and conferences.

I am always interested in new opportunities for showing typewriters from my collection.

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