Antique Typewriters

Comprised of typewriters from the very beginning of the typewriter industry (1870 – 1900), the collection contains many rare and historically important typewriters which show the remarkable diversity and beauty of a machine that would revolutionize communication.

The collection has been seen in various public displays and exhibits including the Academy Awards and the Royal Ontario Museum.

Martin is always interested in buying and selling typewriters.

“Calling all Gadgetgeeks! Very early days of keyboards: It’s like the Burgess Shale of Typewriters! Incredible!” – Margaret Atwood

Martin lives in Toronto, Canada.

He has spent years building his collection of the world’s first typewriters and enjoys restoring them and researching their history. He loves talking about typewriters with everyone.

He has appeared on television and radio and is featured in the award-winning documentary California Typewriter.


Martin and his collection are featured in Doug Nichol’s full-length documentary California Typewriter which premiered at the prestigious Telluride Film Festival in 2016.

The film explores the role of the typewriter in today’s culture, the creative relationships people have with them and how the typewriter can provide an alternative path in our digital age.

“It’s really about how we create art.”
– New York Times

“Agile, deeply affectionate”
– Time

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