A conversation with Kelly Crowe - 2023

The Possession Project

The Possession Project is an eclectic audio documentary and essay series exploring the curious and uniquely human impulse to own and accumulate stuff. Join journalist Kelly Crowe as she investigates the causes and consequences of our possession obsession.

Episode 2 – The Continental Wanderer: Tales told by a typewriter


A conversation with Tom Scanlan - 2021

Hidden Gems totonto

We are happy to announce the launching of our new podcast called Hidden Gems Toronto, where we introduce you to some fascinating individuals and groups who fly under the radar in our city.

In this inaugural podcast ‘The Typewriter: Alive and Well and Living in Toronto’ you will meet Martin Howard, a Torontonian who interacts with typewriters on a daily basis.

Listen to the podcast here.

A conversation with Buddy Hanson - 2021

Kansa City Library Film Podcast

Buddy Hanson spoke with Martin for the Bush Creek Film Review through The Kansas City Public Library.

The conversation focuses on the film California Typewriter but also collecting and other things along the way.

episode 6