The Sun Typewriter Co., New York, N.Y., 1901 – serial no.18040

Photograph of the Sun Standard 2 typewriter.
The Sun Standard 2 typewriter was the first keyboard typewriter to use sheet metal in the construction of the upper main frame, rather than all cast iron, enabling it to be sold for the low price of $40.

Instead of using a ribbon, the type bars brush against a small inked roller. This small roller, when struck by the type bar, swings and hits a larger inked roller which acts as the ink reservoir. This arrangement was prone to falter.

The sunburst decal is one of the most wonderful decals seen on any early typewriter. Please view it enlarged (below) to admire it fully.

“You Can PAY MORE and GET LESS.”

“The only high grade writing machine sold at a reasonable price.”

“Especially adapted to writing on a train.”