United States Stenograph Co., St. Louis, Missouri, circa 1886 – no serial number

Photograph of the Stenograph 1 for the blind.
‘An unknown Stenograph for the blind surfaces’ – An illustrated article

This Bartholomew Stenograph is for the blind operator and produces five raised or embossed dots on a paper strip, not the five printed dashes utilized on the other Bartholomew Stenographs. One can see the five pins that emboss the paper in the third detail image below, where the upper brace (that has concave dimples that the paper is pushed into) has been removed.

It is solidly made and is beautifully hand decorated with floral motifs (fourth detail image below).

There is no serial number or patent dates to be found on it.

This is the first Stenograph for the blind to be made and is the only known example.

There was a report of an advertisement but unfortunately it can no longer be located. It stated “This Stenograph for the blind,  a Wonderful Machine, Price only $25.”