Chicago Writing Machine Co., Chicago, 1899 – serial no.27310

This is an early Chicago typewriter showing the patent dates on the front shield. Collector’s refer to this model as the ‘decorated model’.

There are no type bars on the Chicago typewriter but instead a type cylinder is used. This is a cylinder, about the size of ones little finger, with the characters of the keyboard cast onto its surface. The type cylinder moves back and forth and rotates into position when typing, then a small hammer strikes from the back to push the paper and ribbon against the selected character on the type cylinder to make the impression.

This typewriter originally sold for $35.00.

“The ability of your fingers to perform rapidly can never equal the capacity of The Chicago to execute quickly.”

“If you must part with $100 when buying a writing machine pay $35 for The Chicago” and give the $65.00 away.”