Odell Typewriter Company, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, 1888 – no serial number

Photograph of the Odell 1 typewriter.

The Odell 1 typewriter is a beautifully designed linear index typewriter. Model 1 was only made for the first year in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, with Patent Pending  on the nameplate. The Odell was then manufactured in Chicago.

The Odell 1 has a lovely intricate motif carved into the, gold painted, circular base. Quite often the gold paint is repainted by the collector and can look too bright. On this example though, the gold paint is in original condition 

To type, the small handle on top is grasped with three fingers and slid back and forth like a trombone to select the character. The pointer on the front of the handle is then pushed down into the alignment ‘comb’ to type. The carriage moves perpendicular to the sliding handle movement. This first model only types in uppercase.

Shown below is a lovely 19th century illustration of a finely dressed lady using an Odell 1. The back of this trade card is also shown.

The Odell typewriter originally sold for $15.00.

“The only practical low-priced machine. A Marvel of Beauty and Perfection.”

(The Lake Geneva pamphlet and bill of sale are courtesy of The Peter Weil Typewriter Archive)