National Typewriter Co., Philadelphia, 1888 – serial no.1023

Photograph of the National 1 typewriter.

The National typewriter is a compact, unique, and beautiful machine.

Model 1 has a slightly thinner profile than model 2 (seen in the Sold section) but the most noticeable difference between the two models is the narrow spacebar on Model 1 and the wide spacebar on Model 2.

The type bars hang down in a semi-circle and swing up to strike the underside of the platen, requiring the hinged carriage to be lifted back to reveal the typed lines. The two shift keys, uniquely move the whole keyboard assembly forwards and backwards.

“Smallest and most comprehensive double-case finger-key Typewriter.”

“The use of the National dignifies your business, impresses those with whom you do business, makes your letters clear as print, avoids possibilities of errors, Saves Time and stamps you as being Up to Date.”