Merritt Manufacturing Co., Springfield, Massachusetts, 1890 – serial no.7867

Merritt typewriter

The intriguing Merritt typewriter operates by sliding the black knob, which is connected to a rack of printers’ type, back and forth to select a character. Then the knob is pushed down causing a lever to push the selected character up through a guide hole to the underside of the platen. Inking is achieved with two felt rollers that rolled back and forth over the rack of printers’ type. One lifts the carriage to see what one has typed.

This typewriter gives excellent alignment and with direct printing to paper, the type quality is crisp and clear.

This typewriter originally sold for $15.00.

“Relieves fatigue from steady use of pen. Improves spelling and punctuation. Interests and instructs children. The entire correspondence of a business house can be done with it.”


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