Commercial Visible 6 Typewriter

Visible Typewriter Company, New York, 1898 – serial no.24529

Photograph of the Commercial Visible 6 typewriter.
The impressive Commercial Visible 6 has a distinct low profile with a narrow ‘waist’ and features an impressive gold decal, with an eagle, centred in the typewriter’s name.

This typewriter uses a type wheel that can be switched with another to change the font. When typing, a spring loaded hammer behind the carriage swings forward and strikes the paper and ribbon against the type wheel.

The flat metal holder on top of the lefthand ribbon spool holds a fountain pen, allowing the typist to make horizontal or vertical lines by moving the carriage sideways or the paper up and down. A pen is shown, held in this clip, in the second image below.

The last image below is a fantastic illustration from the cover of the manual.

This typewriter originally sold for $50.00.