Bennett Typewriter

Bennett Typewriter Company, New York, 1910 – serial no.32404

Bennett typewriter

The Bennett typewriter is the smallest keyboard typewriter ever built, at about the size of a small box of chocolates.

Interchangeable cylindrical type elements allowed for many fonts.

This typewriter originally sold for $18.00.

“To the man who needs a typewriter badly when he wants it at all, the BENNETT is a friend indeed.”

“Economy as applied to the Bennett means two things. First – the price is one-fifth that of other typewriters. Second – the cost to maintain and repair is reduced to almost nothing in comparison with other makes. It has less than 250 parts, while other machines have from 1,700 to 3,700. Is it reasonable, therefore, to pay $125, or even $65, for a typewriter when it saves 80% of your money to buy a Bennett?”

“In general it adds an atmosphere of prosperity to all transactions.”