American Typewriter Co., New York, 1893 – no serial number

American 2 typewriter

The American 2 typewriter is very similar to the model 1 but its top index plate has a pronounced scalloped front and is slightly larger than the index plate found on the model 1.

This American 2 was sold by the Lyon Manufg. Co. of Toronto Ltd. Like the model 1 it typed from a rubber strip mounted onto the swinging sector. Inking was by two small felt rollers.

Its selling features were ease of learning, simple maintenance, portability, and a low price of only $8. 

“The secret of most great inventions is their simplicity. Such an invention is the American $8.00 Typewriter which contains but 35 parts. The cost of the 1900 or more additional parts in the more complicated machines is money thrown away at the start, and they involve a still further expenditure to keep them in repair.”

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