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Keystone 1

Keystone 1

Keystone Typewriter Company, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
1899 - serial no. 1239 - view patent

This beautiful typewriter uses a swinging type-sector (seen between the ribbon spools) instead of type-bars. When typing, the swinging type-sector rotates to position and a hammer strikes from the back to make the imprint. As a result, the paper is preloaded into a cylindrical holder, behind the platen, and unrolls up and out when one types.

The swinging type-sector could be easily changed to give a different font style and size.

There are two shift keys (on the left), giving three functions to each key, allowing for three not four rows of keys.

The Keystone was a comparatively low priced keyboard machine, selling for just $35.00.

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Keystone 1 Keystone 1 Keystone 1

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Keystone 1